who we are

Who are we

Carrie Mcghee – Creative Director

Carrie has been working in broadcast production since 1990.

An experienced professional in broadcast promotions, design and branding, her skills are invaluable to the success of our productions. She also has a background as an accomplished producer and director of travel programmes for a range of broadcasters.

Her television career began with production work for UK broadcasters including Meridian and ITV News, leading on to television promotion and branding.

She was the Creative Manager for Expedia leading their expansion into broadcast television. She has also been responsible for promotion and branding within major digital networks in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Mike Raycroft – Production Director

Mike’s career in broadcasting began with ITV News, working initially as a senior cameraman, then moving into directing and production management

He has worked with many major broadcasters including the BBC, Meridian and CNN International. As well as directing programmes for broadcasters in the UK and overseas, he has produced programmes, conferences and events for a variety of corporate clients.

His passion for production and the development of talent in broadcasting was recognised when he won a prestigious National Training Award for his work on training for television production. He was subsequently invited to develop and implement major training programmes for new digital broadcasters around the world.

In addition to his current production work, Mike is a guest lecturer for many leading organisations.

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Below are some of the reputable organisations we have worked with:

• Meridian
• ITV News
• CNN International
• Expedia
• Talkback Thames
• IWC Media
• Firefly Productions
• Orbit Radio and Television
• Astro Television
• Venus Publications – Enigma TV